Partners in life and business, Emre and Sophia are the Turkish-American creators of Olive Blonde. Conceptualized in New York City in 2020, what started out as a creative hobby in an ambiguous time, turned into their colorful business.

Emre’s background in Graphic Design and Brand Development spans over two decades in Turkey and the U.S. His meticulous attention to details translates to creating fine lines, hand sewing each stitch; while playing with color combinations, from leather to thread. His creative vision for functionality and fashion have been the backbone of Olive Blonde.

Born and raised in New York City, Sophia’s exposure to art and design started at a young age. Always fascinated by the creative pulse that so many had around her; Sophia did not necessarily see herself as a participant in the art world, but more of a distant spectator. Embracing self confidence and imagination, Sophia dared to dream; ultimately combining her passions of travel, writing, fashion, community and family into a small business, Olive Blonde.

Relocating to the Southern coastal town of Datça, Turkey, Emre and Sophia opened the first Olive Blonde Boutique in the Spring of 2022. Their signature collection includes the classic, hand-stitched Olive Blonde Leather Box Bag. Sourcing materials in Turkey and partnering with local atöyler, Olive Blonde has launched new products using 100% Turkish linen and cotton.

Being conscious of the ethical and environmental impact of starting a small business has been a central focal point for Olive Blonde. Partnering with local creatives and craftspeople, Olive Blonde has quickly evolved into a community based brand; featuring new designs and ideas from talented artists in the area. Embracing slow fashion, Olive Blonde aims to create handmade, timeless pieces, that age with grace, while staying functional and beautiful. Most of our products are handmade-to-order. By making products on demand, this ensures each piece is thoughtfully crafted, custom to your order, and eliminates the cycle of manufactured waste.

Çok teşekkürler!